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20-Week Group Intensive Program
Next Group Begins Saturday, October 21, 2017
(with breaks for holiday weekends)

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, and you are ready to heal from these painful wounds, our 20-Week Group Intensive Program – Healing Your Past, Transforming Your Future – will help you finally get over the painful legacies of growing up in a dysfunctional, addictive, or abusive family. Originally developed in conjunction with the John Bradshaw Center, our 20-Week Group Intensive Program is based on the pioneering work of John Bradshaw and his nationally acclaimed teachings and approaches to emotional healing.

Here's Jason Saffer, Co-Director of the Center for Creative Growth, talking about the impact of our 20-Week Group Intensive Program:


When as children we are targeted with – or witness to – emotional or verbal abuse, physical or sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment, we lose our real self – that trusting, free, creative self we were born to be. Instead, to survive and cope in our family, that real self goes into hiding, and an outer or adaptive self takes over and creates a life of people-pleasing, caretaking, codependent behaviors in relation to people and ourselves.

We go into “survival mode,” and lose touch with our real needs and our real feelings. We often experience depression, anxiety, and the painful feeling of not really belonging. We live lives of “quiet desperation,” or act out in destructive ways. We aren’t able to set healthy boundaries, or truly take care of ourselves in relation to others. We lose the ability to feel grounded or present in the moment, have difficulty making decisions, or feeling connected to a sense of inner guidance, purpose, or wholeness. Our creativity, spontaneity, and natural joy are impaired. Our skill in building and sustaining nurturing relationships can be seriously affected.

In our 20-Week Group Intensive Program, you learn how to heal the past and transform your future. We focus on learning how to develop and sustain healthy, intimate relationships. You learn how to restore your self-esteem and your ability to create and achieve. Working together in a supportive and non-shaming group setting, you learn communication and boundary skills that create safety and intimacy, and you are freed to experience inner peace, your sense of purpose, and connection to your spirituality.

In our 20-Week Group Intensive Program, you have the opportunity to:

  • Heal toxic shame and childhood wounds
  • Heal feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt
  • Recover your inner child and authentic self
  • Create relationships where truth can be spoken, feelings can be expressed, and trust can exist
  • Free yourself from painful relationships with parents, partners, and family members
  • Establish healthy boundaries

You don’t have to take our word for it! One graduate of the Program described their results this way:

"I feel I've gotten what I've hoped for: a new, deep sense of trust of my inner guidance, confidence in my capacities to be in intimate relationships....I am so glad and grateful that I took this program. I feel I have penetrated and broken free from a lifetime of inner blockages that I've been working on for as long as I can remember. I feel a new opening and beginning and a new belief and trust that I can live the fuller, deeper, happier life I've wanted to live....Overall, I feel a more thorough and grounded opening of my heart and trust and optimism that my life's purpose in love and career can manifest more easily and clearly now."

See what other graduates of our 20-week Group Intensive Program have to say about their experience in the Program.

We’ve been offering this transformative group program in the San Francisco Bay area since 1991. Call now to arrange a free, face-to-face introductory meeting with the therapist who leads the group. We’ll be glad to help you decide whether this group experience is right for you!

Take a look at the Orientation Statement to learn more about this intensive program including costs and other important information.

You can also download a one-page flier about our 20-Week Group Intensive Program, if you'd like to print one out.

Click here to download the schedule of sessions showing the dates of all 20 group sessions.

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