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20-Week Group Intensive Program Orientation Statement

The goals of our 20-Week Group Intensive Program are to uncover and resolve the core issues in your life that create difficulties in the areas of relationship, self-esteem, communication, career, and intimacy. The Program focuses on the root causes of any dissatisfying life and relationship patterns that you are experiencing and teaches you specific behavioral and emotional tools that allow you to create the life you deserve.

Our 20-Week Group Program was developed in conjunction with the John Bradshaw Center, and all of our Program facilitators have been trained by the John Bradshaw Center to offer this program. The Center for Creative Growth has been pleased to provide this powerful group intensive program in the Bay area since 1991. Our graduates tell us that their lives have been transformed as a result of participating in our Program. As one graduate expressed nearly three years after participating in our Group Program: “I [am writing] to let you know just how liberating and life-changing the program was for me.”

Our 20-Week Program is a structured, time-limited intensive group program offered at our Berkeley office. It is conducted in a caring, non-shaming, and nurturing manner, which creates the necessary environment for deep healing to occur. The program consists of a private, individual assessment session followed by 20 group sessions, each 2½-3 hours in length, blending together education and group therapy.

Our group combines experientially-oriented education, specially designed exercises, and interactive, structured group therapy creating deep-rooted change for you. The power of doing this work on a weekly basis, in the company of the same supportive companions, allows you to have the time to integrate the deep processes experienced in each group session, practice the new life skills that are taught, and be ready to absorb the next layer of healing.

To learn more about our Program’s approach, call us. We often recommend reading John Bradshaw’s book, Healing the Shame That Binds You. John Bradshaw, in his ground-breaking work, describes how early childhood experiences cause each of us to lose touch with our real self. In order to feel some form of acceptance and love, we develop an adapted, codependent self. Bradshaw defines this "codependency" as a "disease of the lost self." He describes this loss of self as the legacy of growing up in a dysfunctional or addictive family and being subjected to emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, repetitive or abusive criticism, or neglect. As a result, the codependent person relies on approval from others and on compulsive behaviors in an attempt to find safety, self-worth, and a sense of identity. Codependent traits include:

• feeling flawed, defective, empty and lonely
• consistently sacrificing one's own needs to meet the needs of others
• need to control others and self
• inability to enjoy life
• repetitively unsatisfying or destructive relationships
• diminished or nonexistent sense of inner peace and spirituality

Recovery is possible. Through non-shaming therapy and group support, you can transform low self-esteem, fear of abandonment, and anxiety into recovery of your true self and experience authenticity and serenity.

To assist people to have such a non-shaming and supportive environment, the John Bradshaw Center and the Center for Creative Growth designed the 20-Week Group Intensive Program. This program is designed to help you to:

• Heal from the effects of toxic shame, childhood wounds, and codependency
• Empower you to recover your authentic self
• Create relationships where truth can be spoken, feelings can be expressed, and trust can exist
• Free yourself from painful relationships with parents, partners, and family members
• Establish healthy boundaries

Our Group Program, a combination of education and group therapy offered in a two-and-a-half hour group session each week, is designed for people who wish to create authentic, nurturing, and enduring relationships in life. Our approach is to identify and heal the wounds of our past and to learn to build healthy relationships in the present. At the heart of the treatment process are shame reduction exercises, as well as original pain and inner child work. Methods include assertiveness training, values clarification, self-image work, and guided imagery combined with facilitated group interactions.

Our 20-Week Group Intensive operates on the assumption that what prevents your experience of healthy and nurturing relating is early wounds -- wounds due to shaming, criticism, abuse, neglect, alcoholism, or other forms of inappropriate and dysfunctional parenting. More accurately, it is the protective shields you created against this abuse which now prevent you from having the kinds of relationships you desire. It is important to recognize, however, that these protective shields have served the vital purpose of allowing you to survive.

Your early learning -- and historic repeating -- of patterns of relating and acting in survival modes resulted in stifling and suppressing your natural spontaneity, sense of safety with others, and ability to experience the full range of your feelings. Our Program facilitates your understanding of how you got to be the way you are and provides you with the tools and opportunities to transform yourself and your experience of life.  

The program operates as a whole, from beginning to end. To release the pain of the past, each member must also work with and feel that pain. It is only natural that at those times, someone can feel like continued group participation doesn't feel good or nurturing. But each member’s commitment to the whole of the 20-week program, and their recognition and understanding that their insides are very naturally wanting to protect them from pain, allows people to get through the pain, to the other side. The other aspect of participation in this group intensive program is that everyone participating understands that everyone else in the room has made the same commitment to attend the full program. Everyone there supports each other's journey. Ideally, no one has to wonder or be concerned about "family reenactments" of people abandoning the group family. Everyone is in it together.

We welcome you to step into this healing journey out of the pain of the past and into the transformation of your future.

Financial Information

Our 20-Week Group Intensive Program has a maximum of 11 participants. The total cost for the Program is $1,750.00 (that's $87.50 per session). You can pay the full cost at the beginning, or pay a deposit of $350.00 and then four more monthly installments of $350.00 during the Program.

If you have health insurance, your plan might cover part of the cost. Some insurance plans cover group therapy like this. The important question to ask your insurance company is if you have the option to go "out of network" for health care services, versus having to only use someone on their panel of providers. Your insurance coverage may be helpful if you have the option to go out of network, since our Center is not on any of the provider panels. Also ask your insurance company if your plan covers "group psychotherapy" by a California-licensed therapist.

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