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What People are Saying About the 20-Week Group Intensive Program

Here are some comments from recent graduates of the 20-Week Group Intensive Program (all quotes used with permission):

"It was hard work but life changing and was greater than my wildest imagination....the overall structure is truly amazing, clearly well thought out and refined."

"This program healed my childhood pain that had been haunting me my whole life. Now, of course, sad traumas are still sad but they no longer bother me....I no longer feel like a 'victim.' I feel much more creative, more loving and liberated. I'm happy."

"While the 20-week group was difficult on many levels for me, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. It was the best money I have spent on myself in a very long time, and worth it."

"I do feel like I have some tools that enable me to navigate life. I have a sense of self-trust that I've never had before....I really truly deeply can take care of myself."

Take a look at what a man who recently completed our 20-Week Group Intensive Program is saying (used with permission):

"I feel I've gotten what I've hoped for: a new, deep sense of trust of my inner guidance, confidence in my capacities to be in intimate relationships, a feeling of realistic value of myself as a person....

"I am so glad and grateful that I took this program. I feel I have penetrated and broken free from a lifetime of inner blockages that I've been working on for as long as I can remember. I feel a new opening and beginning and a new belief and trust that I can live the fuller, deeper, happier life I've wanted to live.

"Overall, I feel a more thorough and grounded opening of my heart and trust and optimism that my life's purpose in love and career can manifest more easily and clearly now."

Here's another letter from a from a graduate of our 20-Week Group Intensive Program, three years after she completed the Program. We thought her words convey what there is to gain by participating in this 20-session Group Program. (Excerpts from her letter are used with her permission).

“Dear Daniel and Friends at Center for Creative Growth,

"I cannot tell you how many times I have meant to write to let you know just how liberating and life-changing the program was for me....

"I'll begin by saying that I walked into the program a very wounded woman. And, as a result of going through the program, I quickly realized how much I had shut down, emotionally, physically and spiritually, which really impeded my growth as a human being....I lived in a fearful future and wallowed in a sorrowful past; rarely did I touch foot in the present moment....

"Walking into the program was very scary, yet my participation in it ended up being one of the most liberating experiences of my life, so far....Things really are clearer....I can actually hold myself back from reacting, most of the time, or I can evaluate things and let them go then come back to them, rather than obsessing over them....

"[Daniel Lesny] was patient, loving, and genuinely honest. He heard me and validated my pain and past. He helped to show me how to let go of the blame, guilt and shame. I am eternally grateful to Daniel for providing me with such a profound experience....

"Yes, I am grateful that I listened to my Inner Child, who was kicking and screaming, for me to make an investment in my Self!...I spent the money and time in healing and coming to love me--all of me...

"I experience the full range of life....Please let your clients know that there is light at the end of the tunnel....

"So from the bottom of my heart and soul, I just want to express my loving thanks and deep gratitude to all of you at the Center for Creative Growth, and to Daniel and the nine other souls who journeyed with me, as well...What you offer is so worth it in terms of those who are ready to commit to healing and completing the past. I think it is important for those considering the program to realize that it is an opportunity for "a way of life" change. It is not just another program to take in hopes that it will be the one to fix them without doing much work. No way. I cannot imagine how one could walk away with not being changed or at least directed to the next healthy step in life.”

Here are some other quotes, also used with permission, from other graduates of the 20-Week Group Intensive Program:

"I received a total understanding of who my inner child is and how she operates in my life today -- how I react today is tied to my childhood experience. I got a very clear and comforting message/knowledge that what happened wasn't my fault and that I can change certain destructive patterns. I will never be the person I was before I began the program. A whole new world of how to trust myself and have confidence in my own feelings, thoughts, and intuition has been blown open." -- Julie B.

"I really didn't know what to expect but I feel better now than I ever have before."
- Elizabeth E.

“[The Program] was very difficult in some ways and also very powerful and very good healing. I very much appreciate and am grateful for your wonderful abilities as a leader and therapist. You really have a gift with your sensitivity and your intuition and just the way you are able to guide those things. I think it’s very unique and I’m glad to be working with you. So, a wholehearted thanks. Today was probably worth the cost of the class by itself." - Dave W.

"My life has changed a lot since the therapy. I used to have only very few friends, now I have friends all over the place...I'm also starting to do better in my career. I also get along with my mother for the first time in my life and I love my mother for the first time since I was a child, even if she is impossible, it doesn't bother me anymore. And she doesn't seem to hurt me anymore (she is not able to). I also get along a lot better with my husband now, even if he is a little bit impossible..." - Ulla L.

"I dropped a lot of shame and secrecy about what I've been through. I'm more willing to view and accept myself as having been abused in different ways, and heal from there. I'm more aware of my boundaries, and transgressions of them. I feel a connection with a larger recovery community; it is supportive to me knowing others look at these issues so sanely. I got to share love and closeness with a group of what used to be 'complete strangers'."
- Richard S.

"I feel a burden has been lifted and the shame has been reduced." - Judy P.

"I stopped feeling worthless. I don't feel like 'damaged goods' anymore. I have the energy to take care of myself physically and spiritually. I have hope and a knowing that I'll get what I need from the world and people in it." - Gina R.

"I am, for the first time in my life, approaching what I term success -- a psyche, void of intra-conflict. I've reduced my 'shame-based worrying [about] what other people think of me' feelings...I love it!! I've reduced my procrastination...[and] I've reduced my anger and raging...The kids and I are much closer." - Ralph N.

"The lectures and exercises -- and group interaction -- helped me to feel less alone, and helped me to acknowledge and speak of the shame I carried so deep inside of me. I am much more accepting of myself and others. I have tools for working on boundaries and expressing my feelings. For me, the 20-week program was invaluable." - Theresa R.

"It meant a lot to me that I did the program that was 'Bradshaw approved.' You have been consistent with and carried forward my trust for him in the work you did with me. I appreciate that some of this is cutting edge type work, but my feeling from [my therapist] and CCG was never that you were on a trip about it; not smug or weird, just there to help. Thank you very much for that help." - Richard S.

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