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Sometimes family businesses are plagued by family problems. Combine this with the kinds of economic stresses that face most businesses today, and you can find yourself dealing with challenges, crises, and conflicts that seem impossible to resolve. Even worse, they may be at such a level that they are threatening to sink the entire ship.

Our Clearing and Resolution Process® works to quickly resolve the following kinds of problems:

  • Impasses over direction, decisions, day-to-day operations and goals
  • Power struggles
  • Different management styles
  • Communication problems
  • Anger, resentment, and blame
  • A family member's drinking, drug use or other harmful behavior
  • Effects of the founder's vision, management style, and personality
  • In-law issues
  • Second marriages
  • Unfinished business from the past, even from childhood
  • Difficulties over inheritances
  • Struggles about setting up trusts
  • Creating a united vision to carry the business forward
  • Deciding whether to sell the business or not

Plain and simple: We get results!

We provide special weekend Clearing and Resolution meetings to resolve your company's challenges and clarify each member's vision for the business. Our methods have proven results.

The process: We begin with one or more individual interviews with each member of the business family – by phone or in-person.

Weekend meetings with everyone present

  • typically Friday through Sunday
  • meetings begin at a set time; the closing time is left open-ended. We work until there is a sense that enough has been accomplished in each session – typically 4-6 hours.
  • resolution of the problems or significant change is usually seen by the end of the first weekend. Additional weekend meetings may be scheduled if needed.

This format works well when family members live in different parts of the country.

If you feel like personality issues, unresolved tensions, or communications problems are causing difficulties in your family business, you can save money, eliminate stress, and free your company to move forward again by resolving the underlying problems. Working with a highly trained family therapist who knows and understands business problems allows you to clear out all the levels of problems besieging your family business.

Family Clearing and Resolution Facilitator: Dr. Linda E. Katz, raised in a multi-generational, family-owned business, and current Co-Director of another family-run business, knows the benefits and challenges of family businesses. With over 30 years experience, Dr. Katz has helped hundreds of families resolve their problems and get their lives and businesses running smoothly again.

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