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Jason SafferJason Saffer, M.A.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Berkeley Office

As Co-Director of the Center for Creative Growth and one of the Center's senior therapists, Jason brings to his work more than 30 years experience as a therapist and counselor. Licensed as a therapist in California since 1976, and a member of the Center's staff since 1986, Jason provides expert and professional counseling with a specialty in these areas:

  • Reclaiming and Healing Your Inner Child Addictive and Compulsive Behavior
  • Pre-Marital, Marriage, and Relationship Counseling
  • Adult Men and Women Molested or Incested as Children
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency Intervention and Prevention
  • Men's Issues
  • Multicultural Relationships -- Couples/Family Therapy
  • Spiritual Growth

What Jason Says About Being A Therapist

"It is a total privilege for me to work with people as their therapist. To share in people's lives in this way, and to assist them to heal old wounds and create new lives, is a gift for both of us. I know from my own life experience and from working with countless others, that we have the capacity to change and grow, to resolve and heal the issues that haunt us."

A Demonstrated Record of Professional Excellence

Trained by the John Bradshaw Center in state-of-the-art counseling methods pioneered and popularized by John Bradshaw.

Ongoing training in today's most effective and innovative therapy methods including Psychodrama, Hakomi method, Contextual Therapy, Group Therapy for Adult Children of Alcoholics, Self-Acceptance Training, and others.

California-licensed therapist since 1976.

Author, Organizational Consultant, TV Host, and Recognized Expert:

  • Published in professional journals and popular newspapers and magazines.
  • Appeared as mental health and recovery expert on national and San Francisco Bay Area television news and radio shows.
  • Created and hosted cable-TV series, "The Community Health Connection," a series of 10 half-hour episodes to promote community mental health and well-being.
  • Editor, Journal for Psychological and Spiritual Integration (1991-96)

Jason's December 2003 Guest Appearance on National Public Radio

Jason Saffer, Co-Director of the Center for Creative Growth, appeared as a guest expert on National Public Radio’s “Talk of the Nation” radio broadcast on December 17, 2003. The topic of that day’s program was on “ Family Secrets.” In this broadcast, the host of “Talk of the Nation,” Neal Conan and guests talked about the power of secrets: how families mask them, which are best kept as secrets, and which are better to be acknowledged.

During the 20 minutes that Jason appeared on the broadcast, he shared his perspective on the potentially damaging and shaming effects of family secrets and he responded to questions from callers from around the country. Many people who heard this broadcast have told us that they found it extremely helpful in dealing with the negative effects of family secrets in their own lives. They found the callers’ questions and Jason’s responses and comments useful, relevant, and illuminating.

Fortunately, National Public Radio makes available on its website the full audio of this broadcast for those who might be interested in listening to this timely subject. If you’re interested in hearing this “Talk of the Nation” broadcast on the topic of “Family Secrets,” please click on this link which will repeat the broadcast via your computer.

Education and Professional Affiliation

Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Sonoma State University, 1975
Clinical Member, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

What Jason's Therapy Clients Say About Him

"I found your professionalism, patience and warmth in working with us (as a couple) quite remarkable. In fact, you provided me with the most wonderful therapeutic opportunity I have ever experienced (and I've seen MANY therapists over the years). I would recommend you to anyone who needs a nurturing, insightful and experienced therapist. You are the best!"

"This guy knows what he is doing...I feel I have a very good resource to return to."

"Jason is an excellent group facilitator and even in individual sessions, he does not 'let you off the hook.' You're there to work and he gives you your money's worth. He's very insightful, caring and supportive."

"Jason was/is wonderful. Great presenter. So in tune with the group and with each of us individually. I always felt very nurtured by him. Able to give so much."

"Outstanding ability to 'hear' and make others feel heard."

"Jason was very effective. Listens well, models well. I felt at ease with him."

"...Many of the changes that have allowed me to enter into and understand healthy relationships with a woman resulted from our time together. The men's group you founded and facilitated was one of the primary catalysts for the aspects of myself that I am most proud of...let this letter and its intent serve to honor you and the influence of your work on my life. Thank you for teaching me how to love more profoundly and for being a compassionate, innovative and masculine role model. You have my gratitude."

"Absolutely one of the most skillful, compassionate therapists I have ever seen work...he was extremely perceptive and intuitive in working with clients' personal affect and issues. I personally felt seen, valued, respected, and very supported by him. It was a pleasure to have his help."

"I'm deeply impressed by the quality of Jason's work and the person he is. He helped me a lot."

"Jason is the best therapist I have ever worked with; I've had 3 or 4 previously. He has a great ability to be with people and their pain and still keep the larger mind. He was always kind, gentle, firm, and loving. Jason is the consummate professional."

"Words cannot truly express what Jason did for me. His love and understanding carried me on a journey that returned my spiritual self and taught me to recognize the origin of some of my problems in my life."

"Strengths include his ability to be so incredibly present, so validating and nurturing, yet clear of his own boundaries. He's an excellent speaker, teacher, and educator, very thorough in thought and presentation...he has a gentleness about him that makes him feel very safe."

What People Say They Gained From Their Therapy With Jason

"I am not afraid of my feelings now...I see my life and my story clearer, hence I feel better about myself...before, I thought there was something wrong with me...I am more and more open to change."

"I think it had the effect of releasing more denial and allowed me to open my heart to my self, in understanding what I have been through."

"The ability to control my life; learning that I am not responsible for other people's feelings unless I have abused them in some way; how to lead my life from a spiritual center rather than an intellectual analysis of what should or shouldn't be done."

"I got what I wanted and more...I wanted a means to learn how to put the past behind me, I wanted to learn better coping tools, and communication skills, and what I learned...will enable me to continue to grow in this way throughout my life...I wanted to build a good life with my husband, child, baby to be, and self, and now I know that this is possible...I feel like a new woman."

"I also wanted to really thank you for all your support and guidance with my boyfriend. I felt very in tune with your strategies and the end result (breaking up with him) was what really needed to happen. I was so incredibly miserable and felt my spark fading fast. I almost feel guilty for seeming so gleeful, however my life is open to move toward a bright and welcoming future."

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