Center for Creative Growth
Being the Whole Man You Truly Are

A profound group for the man who yearns to empower himself to be a fully functioning, vital, and integrated male.

This group is for men:

  • who wish to overcome blocks to personal, social, academic, and career achievement
  • who wish to create consistent and enduring relationships with other men and women that are nurturing, authentic, and playful
  • who want to develop clarity about their purpose and direction in life
  • who want to heal the wounds of painful father/son, mother/son relationships and dissolve other barriers which interfere with finding joy and satisfaction in school, work, love, and play
  • who wish to broaden beyond the limitations of "the male image"
  • who want to integrate true intimacy into their sexuality
  • who are ready to go for being fully alive

One man conveyed his experience of being in our Men’s Group this way:

"A man carries a load
Its burden etched in hardened face;
Light eyes darkened from what is seen within.
The fierce figure of the past casts deep shadow memories,
distilled and concentrated like toxic substances,
forbidden yet eagerly sought.
Man meets Tribe; ungainly at first.
Later slow coaxing; a torch briefly illuminating
even the darkest recesses and crannies.
Stories are spoken two hours once in a week;
The load shifts shoulders, then mysteriously lightens,
then falls to the side of the road --
a ghostly but harmless reminder of what was and no longer is."

This group offers you a supportive opportunity to develop and cultivate the full range of your manhood: to tap into and express your natural masculine strength and your intuitive sensitivity. In this group, we draw on a variety of approaches including interpersonal therapy, storytelling, rituals, and other activities to enable you to experience being the whole man you truly are.

Facilitator: Jason Saffer, MFT, Co-Director of the Center for Creative Growth, has been helping men of all ages achieve their personal, academic, social, and professional goals for over 30 years.

Thursdays, 7-9pm

Cost: $50.00 per session.

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